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As a name, KRAKATAU becoming World Known, Phenomenal, and Legendary. Is the KRAKATAU Mountain, in the year 1883, the explosion hit the whole entire  world by surprise made her become the most world sensational volcano ever….

The enormous energy level that sticked in the name Krakatau as a volcano, was then established as the name of a musical group. As a musical group, in reality, Krakatau has noted to be as sensational as the well known volcano in the Sunda Strait area.


Krakatau Band, began with a name Messopotamia in around 1984. Consisted of Prasadja Budidharma (known as Pra Budidharma/Pra B.Dharma), who had studied and recently came back from the U.S. Then, Dwiki Dharmawan, the young talented keyboard player from Bandung, prerviously known from the Elfa Secioria Music Community. And Donny Suhendra, the most forefront Guitarist at the time. Donny known by Bandung Music Lovers from few Bandung famous band such We, G’Brill, d’Marszyo, Harry Roesli DKSB Community and BOM (Batalyon of Musicians).


They met Budhy Haryono from Cimahi Bandung-The JAM Rock Group Drummer. The name Messopotamia then changed to Krakatau in the early 1985.

This quartet participated in the most prestigious band competition in the era, said to be the Candradimuka Larva of classy musicians in the entire Indonesia, the Yamaha Light Music Contest in the year 1985.

Like a great striking of Krakatau Explosion in the 1883, Krakatau Band “exploded” in the event of Light Music Contest.And their solid performance amazed the audience and juries. They become number one winner and grabbed the Best-Instrumentalist title award for  Guitar, Keyboard and Bass.

Amazed by the Krakatau capability, as the LMC organizer, they sent them to Japan as an exclusive guest star in the same event .

At the LMC Japan event celebrated in the Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo, again, they did an amazing performance and gained high appreciation from local audience.

Even at first invited only for an exhibition, finally they had given for a vote. Suprisingly, Dwiki Dharmawan chosen to be the Best Keyboardist !

The success in Japan sky rocketed their name in the country. They started to actively played in many music events, accompanied by guest vocalist such Ruth Sahanaya, LMC Best Vocalist 1985 and rocker Harry Mukti, Kemala Ayu, Minel and Titi DJ.


In 1986, drummer Budhy Haryono left, replaced by Gilang Ramadhan. Not far from that, a young pianist the son of Jazz Legend, Jack Lesmana, that is Indra Lesmana. Indra is a Gilang close friend. Their reputation is sky high since their returning from the U.S.

Gilang just finished his study at Los Angeles while Indra Lesmana just finished his record backed by world class musicians. Previously, they had a chance to form GIF, a trio with Fariz RM, and a group called Exit.

When Krakatau released their first album, Trie Utami was recruited, a small looking young female vocalist, instrumentalist and radio announcer in Bandung, who just received and voted as Best Vocalist in the Yamaha Light Music Contest in 1986 with Kahitna.


In 1987, with six members consisted of Pra Budidharma, Dwiki Dharmawan, Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan, Donny Suhendra and Trie Utami which has noted to be the most phenomenal formations of Krakatau, the group released their prime album and launched the hits “Gemilang”, sold for 800.000 copies. The album sky rocketed Krakatau to the top band charts of the country. Continued with the second album in 1988 released the hits “La Samba Primadonna”. They just got promoted as SuperFusionBand in the country, and becoming the major trendsetter to set “more sounding” Jazz/Fusion in the country, in the era of 1980s.

In around that time, there are more  Fusion Band names such Karimata and Bhaskara Band, Funk Section, Gold Guys (alias, Wongemas) etc. The last two names above, came from the Café and Club Scenes, in which at the time become a popular night entertainment among district youngsters-Green Club and Captain’s Bar.


Nevertheless, Krakatau Music becoming unique and felt different, since their stage musical performance considered complicated, dare against the current trend, tough, explosives, powerful, fast and with a rock nuance. But in the recording house they have the ability to “mix” the music to be more “pop” without loosing the Krakatau identity. The results, First and Second Albums became the “most selling albums” at that time !!

Unlike other groups, the 6 personnel of Krakatau just like 6 Pillars with equal power. With the musical and vocal abilities of these young maestros, they produced songs with richer chords and sharp intervals, progressive, with overall quality. That leads the Krakatau songs very seldom to be sung and covered by other people and groups.

But undeniable, their songs becoming inspirations and guide lines for today’s young musician in the country.


In 1989, a spectacular mini album Kembali Satu released hits “Kembali Satu” and a monumental song “Kau Datang” sold over 2 Million Copies.

In 1992, Krakatau with only Dwiki DHarmawan, Pra Budidharma, Trie Utami and Drummer Budhy Haryono returning to join, releasing Let There Be Life album with much lighter and crisp sounding along with the hits “Sekitar Kita”. In this album, they brought guest musicians, Dewa Budjana and Iwan Wiradz. In the mean time, Indra, Gilang and Donny formed Indra Lesmana Java Jazz, and a pop-rock group, Adegan.


After the Album Let There Be Life, Krakatau lead by Dwiki, Pra Budidharma, Trie Utami, more into the collaborative element of pentatonic music and diatonic Jazz emphasizing the musical instrument equipment and sounding format with the base of Sundanese tradition.

They released Mystical Mist album in 1994, then Magical Match in the 2000 with their world music or world fusion.


With that cross culture concept, they often perform at many festivals in Australia, Europe, Asia, Canada even to South America. That world music concept, continued by Dwiki and Pra, and had the opportunity to release Rhythm Reformation Album in the year 2005 and 2World in the year 2006.

Eventhough they took different paths, currently every personnel still doing music, and even become teachers for their students. All six of them never hesitate to produce, and keep on exploring the space of sound, with secure integrity and very high performance intensity up till now.




Active in uniting many Indonesian Drummers in Indonesian Drummer Facilitation along to explore Indonesian Tradiotional Percussion. And actively along with NERA and Rhythm Sawah Groups, he continuosly digged more of sound tradition from the entire country. In the scope of Music Education World, it can be said that Gilang is the “Master” for all young drummers today. His talent field proven to grow  many Indonesian young drummers. With his music school GRSB (Gilang Ramadhan Studio Band) along with Pra B. Dharma, produced and scored many Indonesian Jazz and Pop Music Industry top drummers among them is Gerry Herb (drummer Alv,Kin,Premix, additional drummer Yovie & Nuno, Krakatau Etnik, etc), female drummer Alsa, Hendy GIGI, Posam (Ex Kotak), Konde Samson, Adri Nidji, Demas Narawangsa, etc.




Dwiki Dharmawan traveled Internationally with World Peace Orchestra and Krakatau Ethnic-an ethno-kontemporer genre with Pra B Dharma. Often to collaborate with top world musicians such ; Chad Wackerman, Jimmy Haslip, Sadao Watanabe, Steve Thornton, Walfredo Reyes Jr., Andy Suzuki, Mark Antoine, Billy Cobham, Kai Eckhardt, Kamal Musallam, Violet Spin Spring Quartet Austria, Jerry Goodman, Yaron Stavi, Gilad Atzmon, Asaf Sirkis, Mark Wingfield, Nicolas Meier, Dale Barlow, Steve Hunter, Andrew Gender, Dan Roger etc. Besides the chance to become Bob Mc Ferrin’s Jakarta Concert CoProducer, Dwiki released few albums on his own with Moonjune Records-NYC, and done few recording sessions in the USA, Austria and Australia, and has done many International Orchestra Performance, one of them was Live Music Performance at the UNESCO in Paris with Prague Symphony Orchestra from Austria.

Therefore, Dwiki has brought Indonesian Ethnic Music to the International Scene. Besides having the Farabi Music School, he’s also active in making Jazz and traditional music based event in many regions in Indonesia. With the purpose of introducing Indonesian Music, Culture and Beautiful Nature to the whole world.  




Up to the present, Donny Suhendra, the Guitarist, still doing album project with many Indonesian singers as a Session Player and produced collaboration group and performed at world class music stage, such : Donny Suhendra Project, Big City Blues, Power Fusion Trio, etc.

Besides active in performing at any Jazz and Blues events, teaching, Donny Suhendra always welcome to many Indonesian young guitarists. Syaharani is one of the singers who’s had Donny Suhendra touch of guitar.




International and National highest level of prestigious award achiever and vocal activities of has been quite solid. The world contest top achiever of “Grand Prix Winner” The Golden Stag International Singing Contest in 1992 in Romania, active as singer, song writer,producer, vocal teacher,seminator, educator and Culture Activist, and many more. Once cooperated with Jeff Lorber, Dave Koz, Kazumi Watanabe, Allan Rich, NHK Orchestra and Asian Fantasy Orchestra from Japan. The title “Miss Pitch Control” proven her quality as main jury in the Talent Search arena.

Trie Utami is also an active writer, her four tiltle books have been published. Her loyalty upon local culture and tradition, contributed along with Kua Etnika world group, Dharma Singing Group and in many village network program and native traditional people through out Indonesia. Her activity in Traditonal Music has brought her around the world, bringing the Nusantara exotism and wonderful sound. Blessed with her great vocals, the Rolling Stone Indonesia awarded her as one of The 50 Greatest Indonesian Singers.




Who doesn’t know him, the Indonesian Jazz Icon who gets stronger each time ? A numerous amount of music compositions. Few of his albums published and released in the U.S. Along his musical career , Indra Lesmana has collaborated with world class artists such Charlie Haden, Mark Murphy, Vinnie Collaiuta, Michael Landau, Chick Corea, Everette Harp, Jeff Lorber, Gorden Campbell, Maurice Brown, Larry Kimple, Tootie Heath, Carl Allen, Rodney Whitaker, Dimon Grey, and many more.

His records received many National awards . Up until now, with the group LLW, ILDB along with his daughter Eva Celia, Indra still active and never stop writing music. He become the music curator in few festivals and give loyal supports to young musician to keep composing, in few places for musician to perform Jazz Music.




After almost 25 years of not working together, let’s say they actually “reunited by nature”. Best time will come at the right moment. Krakatau with this enormous formation, surely agreed to come together again. Holding hands and unite the whole energy to use the title KRAKATAU REUNION, to emphasis the need to reperforming with great faith. Definitely, this togetherness has to be well prepared and must have meaningful purpose to the Indonesian Music !

Not only for the purpose of nostalgic moment. The today’s six members have been “the living legends in Indonesia, have willingness to spread the positive energy through out their songs and music compositions that have been dominated Indonesian music for almost 25 years. Give motivation for the new born of fresh musical ideas, especially for today’s Indonesian young generation .

The six maestros and music instructors have earned their maturity through experience, in their earlier time, they have given and left the sign of making new works. They will soon make that happening in the middle of 2016. Guarded closely by the world class live sound engineer Mr. Donny Hardono, the new KRAKATAU REUNION album will ready to be launched…!!

Gilang Ramadhan

Indra Lesmana

Trie Utami

Dwiki Dharmawan

Donny Suhendra

Pra Budidharma





An extraordinary drummer from South Korea, Phil Yoon-The Soul of Seoul is an endorser of LosCabos, the Canadian drum stick and Aquarian, the American drum head. He graduated M.M. with Distinction in Jazz Performance from Longy School of Music, studied in Jazz Performance from Berklee College of Music in the USA and B.A. in English Literature from Soonchunhyang University in South Korea. He is currently teaching at universities in South Korea. 


He has appeared on City Line (WCVB- TV), as one of the most active Asian jazz musicians in the 3 US.

He is the main host of TV shows, Jazz and the City (Channel T) and Phil Yoon's Jazz Story (Arte TV) in Korea. His other notable TV shows are Top Band 2(KBS), EBS Space (EBS), and others.


He has appeared with and produced for Donny McCaslin (David Bowie), George Colligan, Johannes Weidenmuller, Jed Levy, Mark Gross, David Berkman, David Ephross, Bill Moring, Ron Jackson, David Smith, Greg Murphy, Dimitri Kolesnik, Charlie Kohlhase, David Bryant, George Garzone, Toru Dodo, Ron Mahdi, Tim Mayer, Rusty Scott, and Joris Teepe. 


He is a nominee of the Henry Mancini Award and has been recognized by many newspapers and magazines. As a leader, his albums titled E. J. (EMI) and Reminiscences of Mom (BIC Music) were awarded the Best Jazz Albums in Korea by MM Jazz which is the number one jazz magazine in Korea. As a co-leader group called Straight Ahead’s album titled Introducing Straight Ahead (Warner Music) was awarded the Best Jazz Album in Korea by MM Jazz also. 


He has been a sideman of many jazz artists in South Korea and has been invited to many jazz festivals included Jarasum International Jazz Festival, Daegu International Jazz Festival, Ulsan International Jazz Festival, North Sumatra Jazz Festival and others, and is also the director of Yongin Global Jazz Festival. 




Tenor and Soprano Saxophone: Jongwon Lee 

Piano: Myounggun Lee 

Bass: Jinho Heo 

Drum: Phil Yoon 


The group includes a saxophone, a piano, a bass, and a drum. The group plays Korean traditional folk songs into jazz style. In group’s songs, 'Jindo Arirang' and 'Han Ohbaeknyun' imply 'Samulnori' which is traditional Korean percussion ensemble, and Korean folk melodies. Also the group plays modern mainstream jazz. The group’s compositions and performances show the concepts of odd meters, metric modulation, and complicated rhythmic figures. 


An Example of Performing Song Lists 

1. Jindo Arirang (Korean Traditional Song) 

This is a very popular folk song in the south area of Korea. It arranged into modern jazz style. The song contains 'Samulnori' which is traditional Korean percussion ensemble. 


2. Han Ohbaeknyun (Korean Traditional Song) 

This is an also very popular folk song in Korea. It expresses sadness. It arranged into modern jazz style. 


3. Bull’s Eyes (Phil Yoon) 

This song is based on impression of Chicago Bulls, a basket ball team in the USA.. This song expresses strongness, energy, courage, and challenge. It includes enthusiastic Latin and swing style. 


4. The Ride (Phil Yoon) 

This song is a very fast swing. The tenor saxophone and drum duet intro is an attractive section. This music is really driving. 

5. Joshua (Victor Feldman) 


Phil Yoon arranged Joshua (Victor Feldman) into modern style. He changed the meter to 7/4 and added some parts to 4/4 and 3/4 also. This arrangement includes reharmonization. 


Phil Yoon Group will be featuring a great female swing singer known as Ahh Ye Jo at the North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2016.









The leader of C Man and a widely known North Sumatra Indonesia NeoJazz Icon, Erucakra Mahameru is an inventor. He graduated as a unique and rare kind Musician, Guitarist and Advanced Jazz Composer from the Berklee College Of Music Boston Massachussetts USA (95).

For the very first time around the mid 90s in the U.S., Erucakra formed an innovative most challenging band named Erucakra Mahameru Synthesis Project featuring Hiro Iida-The Boston great Music Synthesis Prodigy and Master who involved in the Jan Hammer and Tom Coster Projects during the time.

With his Berklee friends, he later formed a Fusion Band and did a first short U.S. Tour from Boston to New York City. 


Erucakra has been Internationally acclaimed by the John Cage,Terry Riley,

Miles Davis, John Coltrane School of Music as "Vision Of The Future" (as quoted by Ed Van Ness-The Boston U Music PhD and NSO Maestro).

Together with long time friend Edie Zam, he finally started a recording

and band project known as C Man (First NeoProgressive Genre Category Established and Released in the iTunes U.S. and Europe-September 2009).


The first single to be remastered following the establishment of C Man Band at one of the C Man first great live opening performances for Carlos Santana (source : vivanews) at the Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival 2011 Indonesia engineered at the legendary Abbey Road Studios London U.K. by Adam Nunn entitled Aranti's Code (August 31, 2010).


His unpredictable and independent choice of notes and sound performance composition spoken by today's music schollars are considered rare,

original, unheard and "torn apart" the professional musical "real book".


In November 2012, Erucakra Mahameru & C Man successfully live recorded, mastered and released Live Under The Sun-The first innovative Holographic Surround Recording the HTX and NEV CD by NEV Sound Research at Lydmuren As Polyvox Norway (WEM/NCB). The Soundcraft Harman Group Live Engineers quoted the NEV CD as great audiophile ever invented for Live Instruments calibration.

Erucakra invented the futuristic Advanced Divider Synthesis for NEV Sound Research Projects that incorporates Sound Velocity Engineering theory and production systems in Boston USA in 1994.


A year later during the third North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2013, Erucakra officially released one of his master works from Live Under The Sun the "Quiet Rain" to be a special NeoTheatrical Concert Program and gained great acknowledgement from the legend of YES, Jon Anderson.

U.S. Radio Fans commented that the Piano Intro Erucakra performed and composed on the "Quiet Rain" track is a world class MOZART.


The Group Erucakra Mahameru & C Man has been the core foundation of

the North Sumatra Jazz Festival NeoTheatrical Performanceships in Medan



Erucakra Mahameru & C Man also collaborated with Steve Thornton (Miles Davis Percussionist in the 1985 You're Under Arrest  Album) at his new project called the Miles Davis Tribute at North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2014.

Later, Steve asked Erucakra to join him as the main guitarist for the Miles Davis Innovative Recording Project in New York City.

Steve quoted that Erucakra's Rhythmic Guitar style over his latin percussion performance  is the one that Miles sought from great Jazz Guitar legends such Carlos Santana, Robben Ford and more.


Further, the band has also been Nationally acclaimed by the Republika Newspaper and CyberNews in Indonesia as the Erucakra Evolution of NeoProgressive Jazz genre especially when it become top hits in the iTunes U.S. and Europe  Charts.


Erucakra Mahameru & C Man

is consisted of ;


Brian Harefa (Saxophones),

Erucakra Mahameru (Lead Guitar and Vocals),

Heri Syahputra (Keyboard and Synthesizer),

Omar Yusuf (Ethnic Vocals),

Radhian Syuhada (Bass) and

Rusfian Karim (Drums).


In October 2015, the Erucakra Mahameru & C Man started their first Asia World Tour at the Yongin Global Jazz Festival South Korea.

Phil Yoon, the CEO and Organizer of the Jazz Festival introduced the

Erucakra Mahameru & C Man extraordinary NeoProgressive Jazz in all over Korea through SkyTV Broadcasting. 




Phil Yoon Group

Phil Yoon 

Ahh Ye Jo

Erucakra Mahameru &

C Man


Jeff graduated from the Berklee College of Music Boston Massachussetts USA.


Further, Jeff unique Music Collaboration also reflected in his album entitled West Side Stories where he collaborated with the Mongolian Tuva Male Singer Kongar-ool ondar.



Known as one of the founding fathers of Jazz Fusion, Jeff Lorber has been great motivator to many great musicians today. From one of the earliest albums called Wizard Island Jeff introduced Great Saxophonist Kenneth Bruce Gorelick better known today as Kenny G.


Jeff has done many inspiring projects and collaboration works with great musicians such Jimmy Haslip (Bass), Chad Wackerman (Drums), Paulinho Da Costa (Brazillian Percussions), Chick Corea (Keyboard/Synthesizer) and more.

One of his albums with Jeff Lorber Fusion called "Now Its The Time" (2010) was nominated for the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Jazz Album which he wrote a song called "Sumatra".




Photo Courtesy : Vincent de van de wijngaard

Jeff Lorber


The son of a legendary Jazz Trombone Benny Likumahuwa, Barry Likumahuwa,

is a young Jazz rising star in Indonesian Pop Jazz arena. Rolling Stone Indonesia

placed his Album “Generasi Synergy” in the 9th Chart of 2011 Top 20 Indonesia

Best Album.


Barry admitted his musical genre as Funk Jazz and wishing to continue to the

next stage of more Jazz experimenting, stated his Management during the Press

Interview in March 2016 with WASPADA at one of the annual Jazz events in



In November 2006, Barry Likumahuwa formed BLP (Barry Likumahuwa Project)

where he combined few elements from the Jazz genre of Jazz Fusion, Funk/Soul

Rhythm with Jazz Melody and Harmony.


BLP consisted of ;


Barry Likumahuwa (Electric Bass), Henry Budidharma (Electric Guitar), Denis

Junio (Alto Saxophone), Donny Joesran (Keyboard/Piano), Jonas Wang (Drums),

and Matthew Sayersz (Vocals).


In the year of 2014 BLP collaborated with Indonesian Top Singers such ; Glenn

Fredly, Bayu Risa, Indra Azis, Ivan Saba, Soulmate, and Bubu Gira.


Besides performing in many National and International Jazz Festivals , Barry

signed a music and record project with Barry Likumahuwa Quintet, LLW (Indra

Lesmana and Sandy Winarta) and among other top musicians such Dwiki

Dharmawan, Dewa Budjana, Jeremy Monteiro (Singapore), Ezra Brown (USA)

and more (google wikipedia-Barry Likumahuwa and various sources).




Barry Likumahuwa






Echa Soemantri






Ricad Hutapea

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