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Web Clip is an innovative media solution for Film Music Business/Record Label Application invented by

founder and Award Winner Neo Progressive Jazz Composer Erucakra Mahameru.

Incorporating Internet HTML5 Programming Language and High Resolution Definition HD Still Photo

Quality Delivery, Web Clip will be the future leading technology protocol advancing and overtaking the

performance of today's Digital Video, Super Slow Motion High Definition Video/Film Cameras, Online

Video Channels, Satellite TVs, Games, Animations and more.


Web Clip unlimited online leading performance shown and revealed by its channel flexibility through

Seminar Events, Exhibitions/Promotions and On-Stage Online Film Music  Live Screening.

In addition to Film Music Live Screening, our innovative HTX Film Music Surround Mix Down Division &

Facilities at The Boston Studios have been fully certified by leading NEV Sound Research Technology to

fulfill original Live Sound Quality Performance and Listening experience.


Web Clip has turned into World Wide Web Visitors Competitive Top Page View Rates in the count of days,

hours, minutes and seconds.

And amazingly, a number of serious Desk Top View Ratings reported from our administration services

increased and improved just within couple days since Web Clip

first launched.


Furthermore, Web Clip is the high precision advanced digital information content leader of today's

Web TV market. Here are the following lists of Web TV Channels you can benefit from sponsoring

through our Jazz Festival partners ;


a. The Airport Raillink Service (ARS) On Board Jazz Event Web Clip Screening

b. The Official Hotel WebTV Link/Web Clip Screening

c. The Official Concert Hall/Area and out door Park Web Clip Screening



Other Promotional Supports :


Signage,Billboards,TVTronics, Vertical and X-banners

a. The Main Street TVTronic Jazz Event Singage

b. The Main Street Billboard Jazz Event Singage

c. Official Exclusive International Jazz Artists Transportation Singage



Other Promotional/Online Advertising Links ;


Aggregators Online Advertising Partners (Rolling Stone, MTV, Billboard 100, VH-1 and more)



Insertions/Insert Editions (50,000-300,000 copies with total CPM Marketing budget of more

than USD 825,000)reaching to more than 400 Million National and Worldwide Viewers in 4(four)

major promotional tool formats powered with Barcode Scanning Capability ;

a. Tabloids

b. Newspaper Jackets

c. Brochures

d. Posters


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Web Clip Online Film Music Application invented by Award Winner Erucakra Mahameru, License Rights under WEM - Marathon Journey Film Music Publishing 2017 All Rights Reserved

This website is automated with WEM USA ASCAP/HARRY FOX AGENCY  OPt-In Notice registration agreement participation.

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